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World of Warcraft application template for WoW Vanilla

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  • World of Warcraft application template for WoW Vanilla

    Eternal Reign is a top tier raiding guild who is looking for exceptional talent who can commit to our weekly raiding schedule. We are currently open for all classes, so please feel free to copy the template and fill it out in a new application post that can either be direct messaged to me or in our private forum.

    1. How much WoW experience do you have?

    2. Why do you want to play WoW Vanilla?

    3. Can you commit to a weekly raiding schedule without wrecking your personal life?

    4. Do you have a good internet connection? Disconnects cause wipes and PvP matches lost!

    5. If your internet is terrible, can you get a better line?

    6. What aspect of WoW are you more involved in? PvP or PvE?

    7. Do you have any PvP experience?

    8. What classes have you played?

    9. Are you proficient in every specialization your class has?

    10. Do you know how to properly gear yourself for Molten Core?